Current research on the effects of pleasant scents on memory reveals very important results. We all know that a nice scent relaxes people, gives peace and even calms anger. In fact, smells make us relive our forgotten memories that are somewhere in our minds, reminding us of some beautiful and some sad moments.

We want to be the key to your emotions with our brand “La Cle”, which means key in French.

As you know, locks and keys work according to a principle. Our brand was established to provide you with access to the highest quality product in the easiest way by working with the principles it has determined.

Throughout the ages, smells have become one of the most basic tools for humankind to define a city. In the modern world where visuality reigns, it may seem difficult to identify a city with smells. However, all cities still continue to welcome their visitors with scents. We make most of our judgments about a place based on smells. We were founded in Istanbul because Istanbul is a historical city that has been the capital of important civilizations. It contains many special and valuable scents from the past and present.


To introduce our carefully selected and developed produced products to the world.


To offer a wide range of quality products based on the magical world of scents.